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Looking to improve your health? Live life to the fullest? The key to good health is found in nutrient-dense, nourishing food, not in processed, food-like products. Host and health coach Hilda Labrada Gore conducts down-to-earth interviews with leading health and wellness experts (scientists, doctors, farmers, physical therapists, and more) to uncover practical tips from the past for optimal health today. This podcast is brought to you by the Weston A. Price Foundation, committed to wise traditions in food, farming, and the healing arts.
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May 30, 2016

Dr. Ann Childers had a health crisis that made her examine the role of nutrition in physical and mental health. Soon she began applying her new-found information in her practice. She began emphasizing a nutrient-dense diet and sufficient sleep for the children and adolescents in her care. She soon noted that many experienced relief and healing from all types of conditions including: anxiety, ADD, trouble concentrating, poor behavior, digestive issues, Type II diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Even those suffering from emotional or mental issues like depression, suicidal thoughts and self-harm were improving with this simple, straightforward protocol. Children, adolescents, and adults alike will benefit from Ann's approach and advice in today's episode.


May 23, 2016

As President and Founder of the Raw Milk Institute, Mark McAfee has lectured on the subject of raw milk all over the United States. A consummate educator, Mark elucidates its benefits, even as he addresses the risks associated with it. His mission is to stem the influence of what he calls the "fear campaign that is steering us over the sterilized food cliff." Raw milk is a living food with properties that help us avoid chronic illnesses such as Krohn's, and can build our immune system so as to avoid illnesses that necessitate prescription drugs and costly surgeries. Mark makes his case with facts and passion. Mark emphasizes the health-enhancing properties of raw milk, and advocates for it to be safely produced and distributed widely.  

May 16, 2016

Stress, autoimmune diseases, obesity. These modern epidemics were not a part of the paleolithic landscape, but they certainly plague us now. Chris Kresser, author of "The Paleo Cure" and functional medicine practitioner, recommends that we look back to the wisdom of our ancestors to experience vibrant health today. In this episode, he tells us his story: how a health crisis precipitated his interest in nutrition and medicine, and how the Weston A. Price Foundation played a part in his journey back to health. Chris emphasizes how geography and genetics play a role in determining our diet and he touches on the pivotal role of fats and the need to decrease or manage our stress. 

May 9, 2016

All traditional cultures consume some sort of animal food:fish and shellfish, land and water fowl, land and sea mammals, eggs, milk and milk products reptiles, and insects. Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, explains why this is principle #2 of the Wise Traditions diet. She goes into detail about what nutrients are bio-available in animal products and why many traditional cultures considered these foods to be "sacred." She also addresses what to do if you have trouble digesting meat or if you prefer not to eat meat altogether. If you want to regain or maintain your health, Sally has some very practical suggestions about how to incorporate this principle into your current diet.

May 2, 2016

For Richard Morris, walking to work was a struggle akin to hiking Mount Everest. Weighing over 400 pounds made most of life difficult and burdensome. His wife and daughters also had an unhealthy lifestyle. Hear about his turning point which led him to turn his back on processed food. Now, he cooks, takes regular walks with his wife, and even competes in obstacle races. Embracing whole, real foods has led Richard and his family to a much healthier and happier life.